LETTER: Live in the real world on seafront cycling

I am amazed to read on the letters page in today’s Gazette (July 22) that Eastbourne Borough Council has taken the no cycling ban off the lower part of 
the promenade in Eastbourne. This on top of a young child being knocked down and run over in this area.

Taking off the ban will be mean a great increase in cyclists in this area and increase the danger to people walking in that area, and just as we are coming into the school summer holidays and many more visitors.

I am sure they will be amazed to find this ban has been taken off.

Come on Eastbourne Council, live in the real world where there has to be an area people can walk without having to look over their shoulder. Cars and bikes on the road and people on the pavement its quite simple I suppose what it does do for the council is avoid them having a patrol which as I have to see to make sure the no cycling is kept to.

Alan Cooper

Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham