LETTER: Litany of rail complaints

Could I add to the litany of complaints to be discussed by Norman Baker at his meeting today with Southern Rail reported in today’s Herald?

On Saturday March 21 there are engineering works planned on the line North of Lewes, altering the journey time from Eastbourne to Gatwick from one of 55 minutes to one of 2 hrs and 20 minutes, via Brighton.

No cause for complaint, the work will be necessary.

One might have thought that the inconvenience would be compensated in some way but Southern Rail, despite more than doubling the journey time and having to change trains and platform at Brighton, have apparently removed all Advance purchase tickets for the 21st. Advance purchase tickets for the 20th cost £5.00, the cheapest fare for the 21st is £20.50.

So much for Southern Rail’s ethics!

According to the Southern Rail customer services team they may have sold out, (odd since they are available for the 14th and the 20th), or they have not been released yet, (odd again as those for the 28th are available), but they did not know which was the case so they could not say what the reason was.

However according to the Eastbourne ticket office Advance tickets for the 21st have been withdrawn completely because of the engineering works.

Perhaps Southern Rail would like to comment.

Alan Seaton

Hyde Tynings Close