LETTER: Lidl is alienating customers

Congratulations to Annemarie Field for highlighting the iniquitous practice of greedy, privately-owned car parks such as Lidl imposing ridiculous fines on shoppers who have had the temerity to outstay their hour-long welcome by a few minutes. I’m all for punishment fitting the crime but isn’t a £90 hit rather heavy-handed and unreasonable?

Besides which, you need an extra hour in Lidl just to translate the labels and decide whether you really want Strathvale meatballs or Bavarian frikadellen.

The seamless briefs or the Milbona yogurt? The Powerfix aluminium flat bed trolley or the faux leopardskin cat scratching post?

Lidl is an Aladdin’s Cave of European delights, an hilarious linguistic minefield of nonsensical, silly made-up names for its products and producers with brilliant bargains to boot, so why has it shot it shot itself in the foot by alienating its core customers?

We all need to shop but it is becoming more and more of an ordeal and a stressful experience.

Jean Clark,

The Grove,