LETTER: Let’s tidy up ‘elderly lady’

The deterioration of our seafront is apparent for all to see as Annemarie Field’s column said on January 16. The sheer neglect of parts of the prom, in particular from the Sovereign Centre to the harbour, is appalling.

This stretch of safe, wide walkway is becoming more and more popular but sadly more and more scruffy.

Does the parade manager ever walk east? It is not hugely expensive to have decent seating, much more needed, litter bins that are not broken and some imaginative landscape planting.

I walk this part of our prom most days and it can be depressing. I would sponsor and tend a planter, am I alone?

Come on Eastbourne, an elderly lady you may be but no need to have such a tatty, dirty petticoat trailing in the sea.

G. Ridley

Blakes Way.