LETTER: Let’s hope sense prevails

I refer to the letter titled “crash” from Alison Cushing from last week’s Herald.

I was the “elderly” (I am 67 actually) passenger involved in that accident, at the junctions of Carlisle and Granville Road, and yes the emergency services did a wonderful job of extricating me from my car, but the hellish journey to the Conquest Hospital was enough to increase anyone’s suffering.

To be strapped, immobile, on a bodyboard, taken on a nausea-inducing bumpy ride to a distant hospital when our own DGH was but a short trip makes no sense at all.

My treatment at the Conquest was prompt and perfectly adequate, but I’m sure it would have been equally so at our own local hospital. I would like to add that my arm was not broken, just badly bruised.

My car was written off, but not myself or my husband.

Let us hope, Alison, that one day commonsense will prevail and we can all use our own local facilities again. Also, maybe, we can hope that drivers will approach this notorious junction with a little more care thus reducing these distressing collisions.

A thank you also to Meads councillor, Barry Taylor, for his continuing work to get these junctions improved.

Linda Gibbs

Tolkien Road.