LETTER: Lack of audience was a disgrace and an insult

Kenny Ball Jnr and his Jazzmen appeared at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne on Saturday December 6 and I for one was really looking forward to a full house and an enjoyable evening of jazz with fellow enthusiasts.

What greeted me was a theatre with around 90 people – with good taste – who sparsely occupied this 600-plus seat auditorium.

That is around 15 per cent full, which is an absolute disgrace, an embarrassment and in my opinion an insult to six world class jazz musicians.

Kenny Ball Snr may have passed away in March 2013, but his music still lives on – thanks to his son Keith Ball – after a glittering career spanning over 50 years and appearances all around the world.

Eastbourne Theatres put on a great variety of shows throughout the year for all of us in Eastbourne and surrounding areas, but there is an old saying ‘use it or lose it’ and the little Royal Hippodrome Theatre is one I would not want to founder due to lack of support!

Those who did turn up enjoyed a wonderful evening of jazz and one has to give credit to the musicians for giving their all to those who bothered to turn up.

Shake a leg Eastbourne – and Eastbourne district jazz fans, you have been warned.

David S. Chester,

Willow Drive, Seaford.