LETTER: Keep blood test at GP surgeries

I went for my regular blood test appointment at my 
GP surgery this week and was told that it would be my last to be done by the visiting phlebotomist there, and that in future I will have to go to the blood test department at Eastbourne DGH. The phlebotomists providing the community service are efficient, friendly and run on time, only to be rewarded by having their hours and pay cut. The loss of this service applies to all the GP surgeries in the town. The blood test department at the DGH is already busy (I usually expect to wait at least half an hour there, but have waited over an hour), and now surely it will be overrun with the extra people attending. The loss of the service at my surgery alone, will mean that more than 60 extra people per week will join the queue at the DGH, and sit there twiddling their number tickets in despair as the display slowly clicks towards their turn.

It sounds like nothing when you are well, but to an ill person it is much more than a minor inconvenience to have to go to a central department for a longer wait, and for working people it is easier to fit an appointment, at a specific time, around other commitments. I would like to see the community service reinstated, all the appointments were used every week at my local practice, so it’s not as if it was underused.

Alison Kent

Crunden Road, Eastbourne