LETTER: Jill works tirelessly

I read with interest the letter from your correspondent Len Fitzgerald, published in the Eastbourne Herald January 23 publication, in which Mr Fitzgerald gives his views on the fundraising efforts and aims of the JPK Project.

I wonder whether Mr Fitzgerald has ever experienced the considerable anxiety and worry as felt by parents of offspring suffering from learning difficulties, often resulting in sleepless nights, worrying about who will care for their youngster once they (the parents) have passed on.

Jill Parker works tirelessly and selflessly for her cause and should be applauded and supported in her endeavours. It should be remembered that when Mrs Parker achieves her goal, (and she will), that it is not just her own daughter that will benefit, but countless others both present and future.

In conclusion, I would add that it is totally refreshing to meet a Lady who is prepared to “get up” and make an idea happen that will be to the benefit of the community, and not just sit back and rely on the state for support.

In this day and age of austerity and cutbacks, I certainly wouldn’t want to entrust a vulnerable person to the vagaries of Care in the Community.


Seven Sisters Road.