LETTER: Jet skis can be lethal weapon

R.T.Blount’s letter (Eastbourne Herald, December 5)on the danger posed by jet skis matches my experiences as a regular swimmer, mainly to the east of the pier.

Although the majority of those on jet ski understand they are on a potentially lethal weapon and act with the appropriate level of care and consideration enough do not to warrant some enforced regulation. They need to be kept away from bathing beaches and allowed to no more than “just make way” if they have to come close to shore.

I have also felt threaten by some sailing dinghies when they are racing and decide it is to their advantages to tack close to shore.

Less commonly rowing skiffs, especially coxless ones, also have come too close for comfort.

I do wear a bright swimming hat in an attempt to be seen. When different users share the same space regulations can help avoid conflict and danger – as a swimmer I am particularly vulnerable.

A message to those fishing from the beach – I only swim close to shore when swimming against the tidal flow. When I swim into your line I attempt to interfere with it as little as possible.

I have appreciated that fact that none of you have demonstrated any irritation in an overt way when I have done so. I hope you also appreciate my tolerance when I bump into your line.

C. Tallowin

Rattle Road, Westham.