LETTER: It can’t remain where it is

Reply to letter last week: Firstly I was approached by Councillor Cunningham, the then Mayor of Polegate, on the 17th October 2012 at a Planning Meeting to discuss the demolition of the box to act as a chairman for the group trying to save the signal box because he knew of my background.

Secondly I had no need of Network Rail information of the 12th March because I was part of the team which installed the cables under the East Coast Power Supply upgrade. My job then was British Rail’s Area Plant and Services Engineer, Brighton.

As for relocation sites, they are obvious, so no inside information. At Polegate Town Council (PTC) meeting last Monday (March 30) we were told the Network Rail Managing Director’s offer had been withdrawn and replaced by another offer to have the signal box, provided it is relocated on PTC land. No real change from a report to PTC by the clerk on the 30th September 2012.

Mr Clewett tells us of 500 people who signed the English Heritage application. What he does not tell us in his letter was that it was refused, or how many members are in The Polegate Signal Box Preservation Society (PSBPS).

Mr Clewett obtained from PTC in February 2014 a grant of £1,000 for public liability insurance which could not be used for the signal box because the PSBPS does not own the structure.

Mr Clewett also applied last week for another grant of £1,500 for specific works on the signal box. This was turned down because PSBPS does not own the box and chances of this happening appears to be slim.

I am not against the saving of Polegate signal box, but it cannot remain on its current site.

Frank Northcott CEng FIET

Wannock Road, Polegate