LETTER: Is the boot on the other foot?

I am getting lots of people sending me what can only be described as a begging letter from our MP saying that my party (the Conservatives) is outspending his!

I would just like to point out that in the 2010 general election the Lib Dems pumped tens of thousands of pounds into his campaign, and he was delighted to win.

Oh dear, how five years can make a difference, now the boot is on the other foot he is asking the general public for money, have his own party given up on him?

Interesting that Mr Clegg comes to Polegate to support Norman Baker (also in deep re-election problems), but does not take the bus down to Eastbourne, when five years ago he flew in by helicopter three times!

I consider Mr Lloyd a publicist, who will be in any picture as long as the Herald publish it, to help him get re-elected, I do not consider him a parliamentarian, interesting that I send my letter 50 years on the day of Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral.

Come on Caroline Ansell show Mr Lloyd you are going to nail him, Eastbourne needs a change.

Colin Belsey

Kings Drive