LETTER: Idea unlikely to be a success

Your newspaper’s continuing promotion of Jill Parker’s campaign to raise millions for the extraordinary scheme she has dreamed up in order to provide a facility for her 35-year-old daughter, together with 23 other unspecified adults, is indeed intriguing.

She freely admits that this is a “flagship” enterprise which, she dreams, can be a beacon project for the many hundreds of other families which relatives with severe learning difficulties in the country.

Many charities work very had to supplement these efforts, but Jill Parker seems to need to go it alone. The £3 million she is seeking could be channelled to achieve so much for deserving causes through established charities.

However, she indicates in your double page spread in the Herald, that it would only take three million people to donate £1 each to enable her to commence building tomorrow.

Apart from the unlikely success of that idea, she still has to comply with the planning consent conditions.

One of these is that a costly archaeological dig has to be carried out prior to commencement of any building work - something which cannot be done overnight.

Even assuming that everything she dreams of comes to pass, it is hard to see how this is going to fulfil the desire for her daughter to go to pubs, clubs, etc.

Surely that could be achieved immediately, without the establishment of a very expensive accommodation block in an entirely unsuitable location?

The vast majority of people have enormous sympathy for those having to support disabled friends and relatives. Nevertheless, in this sort of situation, the government has concluded that “care in the community” is the appropriate solution.

Len Fitzgerald,

Brightland Road