LETTER: I welcome health service announcement

I welcome the announcement by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that musculoskeletal services is coming to Seaford.

This is great news for Seaford residents with musculoskeletal conditions, we have been campaigning to have these services provided locally from hubs such as the Horder Centre Seaford and are therefore pleased that the CCG have listened.

This announcement helps demonstrates to us that the CCG is indeed committed to bringing health services closer to where patients live.

Whilst I have recently been critical of the CCG, I do value the openness and willingness of the CCG to engage with local residents and representatives to shape the future of health service in Seaford and surrounding areas.

We will continue to campaign for more health services for example physiotherapy for non musculoskeletal patients (i.e. stroke, neurological, MS etc ) to be provided locally in Seaford as this is of particular importance with regard to the elderly population that in Seaford.