LETTER: I’ve had no reply about bus complaint

In your letters page of October 3 there is a letter from S Poole about getting a taxi fare back from stage coach Good luck to S Poole..

In June I was at a bus stop in Farmlands way in Willingdon when a bus did not arrive. There were some children and a lady with learning difficulties and her career there also. There were roadworks in Coppice Avenue but this did not affect our bus stop and there was no sign to say the buses were not going past our bus stop. Eventually, after about half an hour, we all left. As I had to be somewhere to meet someone I had to get a taxi.

I complained to Stagecoach and waited a month for a reply which said East Sussex County Council had not told them about the roadworks. I should therefore ask them for the taxi fare. I wrote to East Sussex County Council and again to Stagecoach in August. I have not received any reply from either of them, not even an acknowledgement.

Mrs P J Humphrey

Broad Road