LETTER: I’ve got a quibble over the headline

I am writing in reference to your story about Stephen Lloyd resigning his role as a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS). The role of PPS is not a Government role and carries no salary therefore it should in no way be described as a “top Government job” as it was in last weeks Herald. I am surprised Mr Lloyd hasn’t pointed this error out to someone at the Herald as I’m sure he wouldn’t want to mislead the electorate of Eastbourne. In fact being a PPS somewhat restricts the independence of an MP as they are obliged to toe the party line, this may explain why Mr Lloyd voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which has helped ruin local services. Amazingly Mr Lloyd then has the front to join in with the Save the DGH campaign. The headline for the story should have read “MP resigns PPS role to distance himself from the Govt he has supported in order to save his skin”, admittedly not so punchy but factually correct.

David Purcell

Woodgate Road