LETTER: I took the picture of joke award at Eastbourne Post Office

Regarding your article about the closure of Eastbourne Post Office in Terminus Road [Nostalgia, February 17], I was interested to see the picture of staff members printed in your paper.

The reason for my interest is that I was the person who took that photograph in the early 1970s.

The picture is not a presentation to staff as you state but merely a gathering of colleagues to give to the man wearing the decoration a joke award after a customer had written in to praise him.

The people in the photograph are from left to right: Rick Freeman, Harry Kalaher, Nobby Clarke, Trevor Taylor (with award), John Ellis, Joan Gallard, Don Phillips, Geoff Smith, Connie Welch and Molly Swan.

At that time I was the youngest member of staff at the office.


Henfield Road