LETTER: I regret I did not intervene


On Sunday morning I caught the 10.07am (number 51) ‘bus from Polegate towards Eastbourne, and observed the following incident:

Near the hospital an older gentleman walking with aid of a stick boarded the almost-full ‘bus.

A healthy-looking young lady who had a baby in a pram, was sitting in the one of the Accessible Seats reserved for “elderly, disabled or people with children” with her bag on the only other available one beside her.

The gentleman wished to sit there, but with verbal support of two other (seated) young people the lady did not allow him to take the seat, but continued to occupy the two seats herself.

She had the option of using a tip-up seat behind her pram. In the face of this rude behaviour the gentleman retained his dignity while struggling to walk, along the aisle of the moving vehicle, to find a vacant seat at the back of the ‘bus.

I sincerely hope that one day, when she is elderly and finds walking difficult, if a gentleman offers her his seat that she will recall this incident and regret her behaviour.

I regret that I did not intervene at the time.

C R. Butlin, Old Drive, Polegate.