LETTER: I now have fresh hopes for Wish Tower site

As grandson of the late Cllr. Gilbert Foyle and nephew of John Foyle, I am writing to express my delight in the article on September 26 outlining the prospects of rebuilding the Wish Tower.

I summarise what David Tutt, Leader of the Council said on 4th January 2012. “The council would deliver an exciting and vibrant new facility which would reflect the gift made by the Foyle family (Gilbert and his sons John and Eric, my father) and ensure a lasting memorial to those killed in the 2nd World War.”

Seeing the article last Friday has given me fresh hopes that the long-awaited rebuilding of the Wish Tower will finally be realised and become an eventual reality.

I therefore wish the Eastbourne Town Council, and those involved, every success in seeing this vision fulfilled.

Roger Foyle,

Hawthorn Gardens, Worthing.