LETTER: I’m glad the Curzon Cinema will remain

I am so glad the Curzon will be hanging in there in spite of heavy competition. I have a great fondness for the old Picturedrome. All my three sisters worked there as usherettes, so as a child I was sneaked in the back door to see the films. In those days 1950s, this was a real treat.

Then as I grew up, I went many times in the back rows with my boyfriend. We all used to go in groups. We would go from the coffee shop then all go to the flicks, the atmosphere was so good then.

We are off to the pictures this very afternoon, to see a film, of course, at the Curzon! We do go to the other one at the harbour, but we also like to support our cinema, and hopefully it will stay open.

Mrs. D.Hartfield

The Crescent, Old Town.