LETTER: I endorse plea to non-voters

Maurice Hamlin made the very important point in this week’s Herald (“Time to take responsibility” Letters April 27) when he stated that in the 2010 election a huge 33 per cent of Eastbourne’s citizens failed to vote.

While I would totally endorse his plea to these non-voters to take some responsibility and vote for those they feel should be managing the town’s, and indeed the country’s affairs,

I must take issue with Mr Hamlin when he suggests they should ignore the ‘also-ran parties’ as ‘they only fog the issues’.

In my humble opinion, a vote for one of the three main parties, the Labour, Lib-Dem or Conservative, would be a vote for a party, full of fine promises as is usual before an election, but which has a long history of reneging on those promises once in power.

There is only one party in this election with a fully independently audited manifesto which can, therefor, be believed when it promises to spend the money necessary on the NHS, when it promises to spend the money necessary to halt the downsizing of our armed forces, and which will return this country to its rightful position as a world trading nation by exiting the failing trade bloc of the European Union, and you will, I’m sure, be aware of the party to which I am referring.

R. Hopkins,

Lewes Road,