LETTER: I cannot imagine the impact on our beautiful little village


It was with a heavy heart that I read in your paper that permission is being sought to build 1,100 houses in the village of Willingdon.

The 2011 census states the population as 7,440.

No doubt a few houses have increased this number in the intervening five years but to contemplate the population rising by one seventh is bleak.

No doubt each resident of these properties will own a car, probably two, and our already gridlocked roadways will be even more of a nightmare.

I understand the plan also includes a doctor’s surgery and a school.

I cannot imagine the impact that this will make on our beautiful little village tucked under the Downs.

It seems that the authorities are determined to concrete the countryside from the coast through Willingdon, Polegate, and Stone Cross until we all meet up with Hailsham and beyond.

I have no idea where these people will work and with already overcrowded transport links on the A27 and A2200 as well as the present state of our railways, commuting to work outside the local area would not be a pleasant option.

I am fully aware that housing is at a premium but I wonder how many of these properties will be aimed at first time buyers and young people.

As per usual, the decisions are made by bureaucrats who do not have to live with the consequences.

Rosalyn Thirlwell, Coppice Avenue, Lower Willingdon.