LETTER: I applaud MP’s efforts over the hospital

Much as I disagree fundamentally with Stephen Lloyd politically (and have said so in this publication, prior to his election), I can do nothing more than applaud his efforts for the town on the subject of the DGH.

The decisions being made by remote and faceless individuals regarding health services for the town and its environs are ill-conceived, ill-advised and ultimately can only result in potentially tragic consequences.

In a town the size of Eastbourne to reduce a General Hospital to the level of what can best be described as a ‘Cottage Hospital’ , largely to justify ‘financial targets’ is unacceptable and morally wrong!

The whole ethos of the National Health Service was (note the past tense) to provide accessible health care for all, now it seems to be driven instead on a ‘profit’ basis, as happens in other countries where if you cannot afford it you do not get it.

Moving core facilities to Brighton and Hastings merely means increased suffering and potential fatal consequences to those who need these services.

It is beyond belief that someone knocked down in the road outside the DGH cannot be treated there but has to be ambulanced or airlifted to Brighton.

The costs of providing an ambulance or helicopter must far outweigh the cost of treating the patient on site.

Mr Lloyd’s actions on behalf of the elderly and very young and indeed those of us in the middle are totally praiseworthy and he deserves all the support he can get to achieve a sensible result for Eastbourne.

It goes without saying if the Prime Minister or one of his cabinet colleagues lived within the constituency the need to write this letter would not exist as every facility known to man would be available in Eastbourne.

E W Parkman

Peppercombe Road