LETTER: I agree we need change

In answer to the letter from Colin Belsey in the Herald, it is blatantly obvious the Conservatives are trying to buy Eastbourne by pouring money in from their Central London Office. Not that I think local residents are fooled for a moment. Equally, contrary to Colin’s view, Stephen Lloyd is acknowledged across the constituency and beyond, as an exceptional MP who gets in the paper because he is so hardworking and the people of the town, regardless of any previous political allegiances, know and respect this.

Colin also talks about wanting change, and on that I agree with him. The change we need though is at East Sussex County Council where he sits as a County Councillor. It was his conservative colleagues who were responsible for voting to send Consultant-led maternity to the Conquest Hospital. Not something we see any mention of in their literature, curiously.

Beryl Healy

Pococks Road.