LETTER: How many have been fined for cycling on seafront?

On hearing that a young child has been knocked down and ridden over on the Eastbourne seafront was an accident waiting to happen.

How many other people have been hit or had near misses which have not been reported?

Now that we have the school holidays and Airborne looming when many visitors will flood to Eastbourne is it fair that they cannot have a relaxing walk along the seafront without the fear of being hit by irresponsible cyclist.

It is quite clearly marked on the front No Cycling or No Cyclist which is exactly what it means but it seems today that these rules or laws are not in this case worth the ground they are written on.

The front needs to be regularly patrolled and if the police see anyone breaking this law they should be taken to court and given a hefty fine and then the Eastbourne Gazette report it on the front page ‘Cyclist Fined for Riding on the Seafront.’

It’s not only cyclist we have to be wary of but adults on skates and skate boards who are equally dangerous because of the speed they are going in and amongst people walking along the front.

I know the police are looking into this incident but I wonder how many and having seen them on the sea front have actually stopped them, or perhaps its low priority with the shortage of police on the beat now.

But if something is not done then this accident will not be the last.

Alan Cooper,

Bakers Farm Park,Upper Horsebridge.