LETTER: Housing meeting to take place in Hailsham

I know the government have said we have to take the extra houses, but we ought to be taking more care of the environment and the wellbeing of the people. I have been to every Core Strategy meeting that has taken place in the county - join them up and what a mess we will have.

If Hailsham and Hellingly are examples to what’s to come it’s going to be a nightmare to live in the county, the quality of some of the workmanship is quite awful, some of the pug in the brickwork is 13 to one mix, it should be five to one, and there is no real space creating mental depression for the residents living in them,

Parking is almost impossible in some areas.

I was speaking to someone who sells agriculture sprays last week who tells me the European Union is stopping the use of some chemical sprays which could mean crops falling by 20 per cent.

With a growing population there could become a time of food shortages especially if supermarkets keep paying less to producers. We need to protect our farm land from development.

We have developers in South Wealden all trying to build vast numbers of houses, we are finding traffic problems even now without the extra homes,. Villages need affordable housing and not what is planned.

A system where one has a tiering design with an open space looking out over the fields would better than over crowded developments that are being built in the area. A trust or cooperative would be a way to go.

Also with the traffic problems coming on stream we should be considering having a metro line from Eastbourne to Uckfield.

Get the developers to share the cost before anything is built.

I am holding a meeting on Saturday February 28 at the Civic Centre Hailsham at 2pm.

If you are concerned about over development, care about transport or are in need of a real affordable house it is for you.

Cllr Laurence Keeley

Fairfield, Herstmonceux