LETTER: Hold your nerve cyclists!

Cycling on the seafront – Hold your nerve, Eastbourne!

Eastbourne seafront promenade should be a place for everyone to enjoy, so whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, roller - blader or mobility scooter user, it should be available to us all – not just for the preserve of pedestrians.

It is simple to achieve – after all, most other seaside resorts in the UK have ‘shared space’ promenades that manage perfectly adequately, so why should Eastbourne be any different!

Please do not be put off by the anti - cycling lobby who appear to want go back to the days when Eastbourne’s image was a town full of inactive people in retirement.

Cycling for all the family should be encouraged and what better and safer place could there be than on the promenade. At present, cyclists have to run the gauntlet between Fishermans Green and the Wish Tower.

Cycling is not only good for your health, but could potentially reduce the number of cars that at present plague the seafront.

So let’s promote Eastbourne as an active place to enjoy for all the family and not restrict it to a minority who want to live in the past!

I believe the provision of a cycle path along Eastbourne seafront will be a step in the right direction in achieving that objective.

Ivor Rumsey,

Admiralty Way.