LETTER: Has Coalition failed morally?

David Cameron’s bleating mantra, at the last election of, ‘We’re all in this together’ rings hollow after five years of this Conservative led coalition government.

The moral purpose of any government should be to achieve a more equal distribution of opportunity and wealth for all. On this basis the government has failed. The greatest travesty of the past five years has been the widening gap between the poor and affluent in our society. Five years of austerity, and the threat of five more to come, has resulted in the rich not having to contribute more proportionally to reducing the nation’s debt whilst the poorer population groups have been most affected by direct tax and benefit changes. Under the leadership of Cameron and Clegg the statutory target of eradicating child poverty by 2020 will not be met. It is the most vulnerable children who are at risk of being disenfranchised from our society unless there is a radial rethink of government policy.

The four independent schools in our town should earn their right to charitable status by accepting responsibility for eradicating this social injustice by enrolling the pupils eligible for the pupil premium on their roll.

Steve Gough,

Motcombe Road.