LETTER: Has anyone else had this experience with train doors?

Have any of you out there had an experience like I had? Last Wednesday (March 18) four of us travelled to a friend’s birthday lunch at the Horse and Groom in Polegate. When we arrived at Polegate we were not able to get off, as the doors only opened for a split second on the button you press. We ended up at Berwick, had to get the lady from Berwick Stores to ring for a taxi, which took 20 minutes to arrive - we were charged £10 to get from Berwick to Polegate to find the parents having to wait for us there - just because of not getting off a train. Has anyone had similar experiences to this? It shows that the rail firm need to work out why the doors can’t open for longer, at least we didn’t arrive in Luton!

Ian Mann

Cliff Road