LETTER: Great planes, shame about the music

Again in 2014 we enjoyed a great air show on the sea front.

A special treat this year was having two Lancaster bombers - along with the UK Lancaster the other one came in flying condition from Canada. Sadly, on day four because of a strong cross wind they were unable to perform.

The Red Arrows as usual over all four days were superb, even on the last day in less than suitable weather they were still able to perform to a very high standard.

One downside was the attempt to have on the beach a Glastonbury pop concert, for two hours in the morning and three in the afternoon with a continuous drum beat. For people who live on the front and those staying in the hotels it meant there was little rest for the whole four days.

Please let us have an air show or a pop concert but not both. In the 2015 Airbourne lets have some peace and quiet after the flying has ceased.


Bakers Farm Park
Upper Horsebridge