LETTER: Good news about trains

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Good news that from next year the coupling and uncoupling of trains from Eastbourne to London at Haywards Heath is too cease with the introduction of the new ownership of the franchise and the introduction of new time tables.

However, hopefully this will not mean that the train frequencies will revert back to that of 20 years ago or so when in off-peak hours we only had one train per hour from Eastbourne to London.

At the moment we await on arrival at Haywards Heath for the train from Littlehampton to join us and link up behind, or they from Littlehampton wait for our train from Eastbourne to arrive.

This whole process can take from a minimum of five-minute up too about 10 minutes if one or the other trains are running late,plenty of time for one of the trains to proceed onwards to London Victoria bearing in mind they will all stop at the same stations on route.

Of course there will always be the problem as like it or not Eastbourne is a branch line and once it arrives at the “Brighton Mainline” it has to and does give way to the many services to and from Brighton and London before it is permitted to cross the track at Keymer Junction.

Still a step in the right direction and thanks to Norman Baker MP for suggesting this and only sorry he is no longer Transport Minister,as he did at least understand and acted on the rail problems we have in the South East.


Hamsey Close.