LETTER: Foodbanks are laudable, but dangerous long-term

Another week, another story about the foodbank (Round Table’s donation to the town’s foodbank, Herald November 28), all very praiseworthy and yet another example of the generosity that exists among the people of Eastbourne. Without for one moment wishing to down play or criticise in any way the enormously vital role of the Foodbank in Eastbourne, there are two important points I wish to make.

The first is that we are in danger of accepting the existence of a Foodbank in this town as an unavoidable part of the established order of things, much like the workhouse of Victorian times when in fact we should be ashamed and affronted that such a facility is necessary in one of the world’s largest economies. Secondly, we should all recognise and remember its existence is the direct result of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition’s punitive, vindictive policies against the poor and vulnerable while rewarding millionaires, crooked bankers and tax avoiding multinational conglomerates. Fortunately, next year we will have the opportunity at a general election to elect a government which will restore fairness and social justice in this country so that there will be no need for foodbanks in the future.

Gerry Stonestreet

Staveley Road