LETTER: Fishing from the same pond

I would like to send an open question to the Eastbourne Council.

Why are you even thinking of selling a brown field site, formerly making make-up on Lottbridge Drove, next to Hampden Park Village to Aldi?

There are only so many of us in Eastbourne who need to use a supermarket – they are all ‘fishing from the same pond’ but we do need housing!

I understand, and forgive me if I have this all wrong, you are still wanting to build on our greenfield sites, on the floodplain next to the DGH – which is currently being so downgraded as to lead to bulldozing the nurse accommodation, and probably lose us the possibility of ever rebuilding it [the DGH]!

Eastbourne is getting bigger, not smaller. Stop destroying it and selling it off! Think long term and what Eastbourne actually NEEDS and will need in the future.

Leave our greenfield sites alone whilst you can.

Sorry for the rant. No doubt I will get a lot of feedback. I may have some things wrong, but I also hope I have got some people thinking!


Kinfauns Avenue.