LETTER: Everyone wears pants ...

The world has gone crazy! J Monaghan and then Jane Schulze must live in an alternative reality where underwear is somehow shameful and sinister!

For goodness sake, everyone wears underwear! What is the difference between shopping for underwear and shopping for a jumper?

It’s not like M&S are selling particularly risqué garments which could lead to tittering and judgement in their purchase!

Do these women not go to the beach in summer? Do they find bikinis as offensive? And are they really so arrogant as to think the rest of the world has nothing better to do than look in their shopping baskets and critique their choice of underwear?!

People need underwear and M&S has a lovely tasteful selection to cater for all shapes, sizes and tastes and I for one don’t feel like traipsing upstairs with my son and shopping in tow to treat myself to a new bra!

It’s narrow-minded folk like this that then get a bee in their bonnets about women exposing their breasts in order to feed an infant in public!

May I suggest that they put their concerns to one side and embrace the fact that we live in a modern age where ladies undergarments are allowed to be attractive not just utilitarian and to be hidden and shameful!

J Hartland,

Brooklands Close, Pevensey Bay