LETTER: Eastbourne’s support for the Poppy Appeal is outstanding

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Last year saw another increase in the amount collected for the Poppy Appeal in Eastbourne. The support and generosity of the people of Eastbourne is outstanding.

There is a small band of helpers who each year give their time and efforts to prepare, deliver and collect the boxes which go out to the many outlets around the town.

Many of these helpers are in their eighties and some even in their nineties, but each year they turn up, unfailingly to get the job done.

They feel so strongly about the Appeal that they do this until they are no longer able due to their age, and therefore each year we lose some of this dedicated band of helpers.

Are there any people in Eastbourne, perhaps recently retired from work, or ex-servicemen or women who would like to assist in selling the poppy with us.

We would be most grateful for any assistance with the Appeal. Also are there any people who would like to take a tray of poppies to display and sell in their shop, hotel, club, etc. If so, perhaps they might like to contact me on 01323 417625 or 01323 833083, when we may be able to discuss how they could help with the Appeal.

David Smedley,

Poppy Appeal Organiser