LETTER: Eastbourne is being threatened with another ‘fear’ project

Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001
Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001

Our council leader is threatening Eastbourne people with another fear ‘project’ having been roundly defeated on the sale of the Downland Farms.

Well David Tutt how about taking another look at some of the more obvious examples of questionable spending by the Council which you dominate?

The Towner Gallery subsidy of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Airbourne...does that really benefit the town?

And the theatre subsidies are not sacrosanct either.

You should also review the huge capital sums envisaged for grandiose projects like the new Sovereign Centre where some £15 million can be saved on its improvement.

That is a lot of interest saved for the local taxpayer.

And one final point.

You never stop bemoaning Government cuts yet boast of many millions you have saved.

Would such large efficiencies have been made without the need to live within controlled budgets?

Judging by the way you spend on projects the answer is no.

Michael Black, Hardwick Road