LETTER: Eastbourne is becoming squalid and dangerous

Cyclists are becoming a total menace on Eastbourne’s promenade and unless legislation is introduced immediately to prevent them using the promenade it is inevitable there will be a fatal accident. I witnessed coaches arriving by the pier between noon and 12.30pm, and the arrivals were mainly elderly people and some were disabled. The coach drivers were valiantly trying to help these people, some of whom had wheelchairs in the boot of the coach. However, cyclists were attempting to ride on the pavement causing consternation amongst the arrivals. These cyclists then proceeded to ride upon the wider promenade from the pier to the bandstand and beyond. I counted five in five minutes. This also resulted in holidaymakers being scattered in some disarray. This has got to be stopped now, not next month, not next year. During the so called continental markets cyclists also attempt to mingle with shoppers; some I fear are up to no good. And as regards markets, are the council aware that Eastbourne is being labelled the Petticoat Lane of the South East? Only the current markets on Wednesdays and Sundays in the town are nothing like Petticoat Lane. Have the continental markets, of which we seem to have a number each month, ever seen the continent? It does result in visitors not being able to see the sea. Many have told me that they came here to get away from markets and shopping. We have a market in the Enterprise Centre, or have the council forgotten this location? Eastbourne is becoming squalid and dangerous. Of course making money is the main aim of the exercise, but money is not everything. It can be lost as well as gained.

Mr J I Hoban,

Lindfield Road