LETTER: Downs – bully boy tactics

I read in the Herald that Mr Tutt plans to bully Eastbourne residents by offering them the option of either proceeding with the sale of our downland – or the alternative of cutting waste collections and street cleaning.

As our verges and pavements have not been cleaned or cleared for months, this is almost hilarious. Leaves have lain on our pavements for so long that they are composting.

Cllr Tutt’s real problem lies in the expensive and hubristic projects, notably the Sovereign Centre, Devonshire Park and the Congress Theatre, that he is promoting simultaneously.

No able business person would do this unless funds were readily available. None of these projects is vital and none are actually to the benefit of a majority of residents. As a writer to your paper said, one way for us to express our disgust at this autocratic behaviour is via the forthcoming local elections.


Staveley Road