LETTER: Don’t knock the DGH

I spent this Christmas in hospital at the time of the greatest crisis in the NHS with unprecedented pressure on A&E and staff at breaking point.

I was a spectator of all of this for nearly three weeks while suffering from a serious post operation infection while being cared for on Hailsham 3 ward at the Eastbourne District General.

I watched as wards were closed and then reopened, I came under pressure to accept a move to Hastings Conquest hospital but needed to stay close to my family in Hailsham.

As a pensioner in my seventies I felt very vulnerable and sometimes frightened as my illness worsened. But despite all the problems these angels never let it show and I and my fellow patients were well cared for.

So thank you Matron Linda, Toni, Tricia,Suzanna, Marilyn,Michael,Roseanne and Val along with all the wonderful doctors and support staff.

I am now home and being cared for by the equally dedicated district nurses. For all its problems and criticisms the NHS has been a real life saver and the staff need a big thank you.

Jean Wilson

Hawthylands Road,