LETTER: Do we consider local issues or central at election time?

Elda Abramson points up the dilemma in deciding who to vote for in the coming election (letters, 6 March). Does one exclusively consider the merits of the local MP or look to the central government one wants to see in power. There is no doubt that Stephen Lloyd has been a sound constituency Member of Parliament in what he has aimed at, even if not always achieved. His work on local apprenticeships, for example, has been exemplary. His manner and demeanour are faultless. He is not patronising and there is no trace of guile or pomposity in him. And forget all this nonsense about his picture always being in the paper. In earlier times, not an issue of the Herald or Gazette went by without inclusion of an image of Nigel Waterson, for whom I myself voted at least once. Photo shoots go with the territory, and it was as true of their predecessors, David Belotti, Ian Gow and Sir Charles Taylor.

However, good constituency MP or not, what of the national picture? I want the country to be rid of the gargantuan, dubious, highly expensive – yet audit-free – European Union. I want a substantial and meaningful reduction in the current lunatic rate of immigration, reversing the determination to dilute the host nation culture of our country, as well as lifting the pressure off education, health, housing and above all population. There is only one party which truly nourishes such aspirations and it is not Stephen Lloyd’s. I therefore cannot possibly vote for it or, by definition, for him. I only hope that Stephen will still be willing to talk to me on the morning of Friday 8 May, whatever the election outcome!

Edward Thomas

Collington Close