LETTER: Disgusted by George’s letter

Your correspondent last week wrote about the deserved publicity which Stephen Lloyd has had in your paper because he is so active and interested in what affects his constituents. He also mentioned the large sums of money which the Conservatives have been throwing at the constituency, trying to win back support. I was interested in his views because the same thing has happened in our Seaford/Lewes constituency. Norman Baker is an approachable hardworking MP, often in the press for that reason. And the Tories have been spending large sums of money here.

I am writing to you because I was disgusted by a personally addressed letter to us from the Chancellor, George Osborne.

I expect many others over 65 have received a similar letter. He was vaunting the new bonds offered to the over 65s giving an unusually high interest rate. Amazing how this has been offered just before a crucial election, and is now extended until just a few days after polling day!

These bonds are costing the Treasury (i.e.taxpayers) around £700m in extra interest above what they could have paid to receive the money from other sources.

George Osbourne in his letter said how good the Conservatives are because they are helping pensioners to get more for their savings. Why was it not done three or four years ago? I think we all know the reason. George Osbourne is using taxpayers’ money to fund a ploy to win the votes of the over 65s. I thought this only happened in some third world countries. As your earlier correspondent said, he did not think that local voters would be bought. I agree.

Patrick McCausland

Barcombe Close, Seaford,