LETTER: DGH chief executive is using a psychobabble shovel

Apparently, Darren Grayson thinks that he can dig himself out of the East Sussex Healthcare morass with a psychobabble shovel. He suggests that the Trust’s staff who fear bullying management should “take ownership of their problems” and resolve them themselves. Well, we may have mis-psychoanalysed the psychobabble, but the traditional way to take matters into your own hands with bullying is to administer a “damned good thrashing.”

Mr Grayson may have found few surprises in the CQC report, but many of us are surprised at his response.

The number of serious incidents has reduced, since maternity services were moved to Hastings, he tells us. Well, of course, serious incidents in hospital are reduced, if patients fail to get to the Conquest and give birth on the roadside instead.

Campaigners have been calling for the resignation of Mr Grayson and his board for two years, he says, but he expects them to still be there in two to three years’ time, despite continuing demands for them to go. This is either stunning arrogance, or the attitude of someone who knows that he will get a huge payout, even if he is made to go.

There have been accusations of gross incompetence from other quarters and if an ordinary NHS employee were found guilty of that, they would be sacked, without any huge payout. Is this, then, a case of gross incompetence, or was Mr Grayson put in place precisely to oversee the destruction of our hospital services? Either he should go, minus a golden handshake, or the heads that roll should be higher up in the government hierarchy.

Martin Hillman

Hawks Road, Hailsham