Letter: Depressing picture of town

Once again your letters page paints a depressing picture of Eastbourne’s intolerance of change, this week the long overdue introduction of shared cycling and walking on the promenade.

The council has brought a protracted democratic process to a sensible conclusion which can work for all who wish to use the promenade.

Readers’ letters paint a depressing image of a town that flirts with modernization while terrified of leaving the past behind. When it comes to shared pavements, including promenades, Eastbourne lags behind many other towns and cities.

All that is needed is a code for considerate sharing by all promenade users. This includes sensible disability scooter and cycling speeds, dog walkers keeping dogs on a tight rein and picking up poo, a general awareness of others and promenade users learning to live together.


Kinfauns Avenue.