LETTER: Dedication to the job

It is less than two months to the election and I feel uneasy. Stephen Lloyd has been an excellent MP, the best for several decades in my opinion, for Eastbourne the town, for the Eastbourne community and for Eastbourne individual constituents. But his tireless work on our behalf may not be enough in the face of the funds and organisation being poured into the contest by the main rival party in the coming election.

I have lived here since 1988 and, for the first time that I know of, a politician has considered the cultural profile of our town and has done as much to support the arts community as well as the business community. There are not many popular votes in helping the arts community, but then that is true of many of the causes Stephen has supported. This desire to help constituents, regardless of the number of votes to be garnered has distinguished him from most politicians in my experience. This dedication to the job rather than to the vote is the reason for my unease about the upcoming election. To have as our MP a man who acts on principle and with compassion regarding all his constituents is a representative to be treasured.

I hope the citizens of Eastbourne will vote in great numbers on May 7.

An appreciative constituent,

Elda Abramson

Orchard Road.