LETTER: Cyclists plan doesn’t go far enough

Number-plates on bikes? Katy Bourne is right but doesn’t go far enough. Unless a cyclist has a driving-licence he/she should take a cycling test.

Many cyclists are ignorant of the Highway Code or choose to ignore it. They ride on pavements,or the wrong way up one-way streets, or through red lights or on cycle-free promenades confident that they will not be identified. Why penalise the law-abiding majority for a relatively few miscreants? Well, for the same reason we keep a check on all motorists .

Third-party insurance should be mandatory. One cyclist I knew was held responsible for a road accident in which cars were damaged. Substantial payments were deducted from his income over many years.

Defenders of the status quo cite the comparatively low mortality rate of cyclists compared with drivers. This takes little account of the indirect damage cyclists cause. For instance cars swerving into each other to avoid a cyclist who has ignored a red-light.

John Rigby

Meads Road