LETTER: Cycle lanes are dangerous.....for cyclists!

There has been much comment in your paper recently about cycling in across Eastbourne, in particular along the prom.

It seems to me that most of the time cyclists are getting a bad name, rightly so when a young child is knocked down. In my view the prom is not suitable for proper cycling whatever the differing opinions.

However, there is a different side to the story, pedestrians! I am a keen cyclist, usually covering 60 miles plus per week and I find the biggest issues are caused by people walking, or letting their dogs run loose in the cycle lanes. Earlier this year I was cycling on the Cuckoo Trail when I saw a dog running towards me.

I stopped and the dog ran into my bike and yelped in pain. I politely suggested that the owner should have the dog on a lead, to which he replied I should ride more slowly.

That is more slowly than stopped!

Many times when riding across the cycle path at the back of Asda, I find the route impeded by pedestrians.

Why do they think that the pavement is separated by a painted line?

It appears that cyclists should stick to the lane, but walkers can go anywhere and just in case you are wondering ringing my bell makes no difference at all.

Consequently I now avoid cycle lanes wherever possible, they are far more dangerous and inconvenient than the road. I wonder how many other cyclists find the same problem?

N Le Poidevin

Ringwood Road