LETTER: Culture of greed sours our society

As has recently been pointed out in your letters page, GP surgeries are flying in the face of proper diagnosis, by insisting on one appointment per “aliment”; per symptom, in other words. Patients are surely not supposed to self-diagnose, are they? How far would a medical student get, if they took that approach? Not far, surely, because, up until now, medical degrees are not awarded by cost-cutting, box-ticking, target-driven, privatising bureaucrats. What happened to restoring the patient to health?

Symptoms should not be taken in isolation; either on the level of the individual, or that of society. How “healthy”, for example, is it, to build more and more houses, without building up the infrastructure to support the inhabitants? The latest development threatens to actually destroy livelihoods, as well as food production, by shutting down the last remaining Hailsham dairy farm and its raw milk business.

Those who rule over us are incapable of joined-up thinking, or of seeing in front of their balance-sheet blinkers. Make hay while the sun shines? No; make hay and make future generations pay!

Margaret Thatcher, “milk snatcher”, started out taking milk from schoolchildren, then graduated to attacking social housing and the NHS. The culture of raw greed she introduced and to which all the main parties now subscribe is souring the whole of society.

Martin Hillman

Hawks Road, Hailsham