LETTER: Crass and inhumane

A number of years ago the then Chairman of the Conservative party warned her colleagues against moving in a direction that could lead to the party being branded as “the nasty party.”

The person who issued this warning was none other than Theresa May, who as Home Secretary has the power to overrule the crass and inhumane decision of her officials not to grant visas to the grieving relatives of a little five-year old girl to enter this country in order to attend her funeral.

It is heartening to read ( January 23) that nearly 60,000 people have signed a petition urging that the Government change its mind and grant the visas.

Any refusal to do this would be an indication that Mrs May has failed to heed the timely warning that she,herself, issued whilst she was still in opposition and that the Conservative party has indeed shown itself to be the nasty party.

John Carmody

Royal Parade.