LETTER: Council resorts to blackmail

Many Eastbourne residents and visitors were horrified to learn that the borough council planned to sell the downland farms, despite the Act of Parliament which was passed when the purchase was made said ‘in perpetuity’ for the people of Eastbourne.

The Lib Dem council defended the sale as being necessary to fund their various vanity projects such as Devonshire Park complex, Sovereign swimming pool and the ill-fated Wish Tower restaurant. Few people I spoke to agreed and it became obvious that they were losing public opinion.

Faced with losing this argument they are now resorting to blackmail by saying the money is required to maintain services such as street cleaning, green waste collection and maintenance of the Carpet Gardens. They are not willing to share any financial information citing commercial confidentiality.

Their change of stance proves they cannot be trusted to run our council. They are putting their own vanity ahead of the needs, wants and desires of the Eastbourne Council Tax payers. Don’t forget that on May 4 several of the Lib Dem borough councillors are putting themselves up for election as county councillors. I hope you all remember this blackmail when you cast your vote in May.


Chairman UKIP Eastbourne

Pentland Close