LETTER: Council playing catch-up

Referring to Dave Poole’s letter (March 6) I join with much of his condemnation of the local planning decisions made by our council representatives. The positioning of our town in the popularity stakes is most important to its future prosperity. The lack of recognition in regard to uniqueness for the town has been either ignored or disregarded. It was the same with parking.

We could have been the only town in England that had mostly free parking with adequate paid for parking facilities available for those who wanted it.

Our town council does not consist of cyclists with the knowledge necessary to properly plan for cycling needs, and relies heavily on the ideas of outside interests and local groups which are biased in favour of their own interests such as the Bespoke group and major investment companies. Demands for cycling along our much-favoured parade with its obvious opposition by the majority has shown the major opposition it deserved; and alterations to our town centre without regard for the distant future separate from the ideas of elsewhere should be a necessary function of our representatives.

Our council appears to follow the ideas of elsewhere, decisions on a catch-up basis, so as to hopefully compete on the same level as those who have already made alterations.

We have people resident in the Eastbourne Harbour area moaning about lack of proper provision for their offspring and playground areas. For years a total lack of realistic application regarding such a matter when in the first place it should have been a solidly included item for the development of that area.

There is the continuing use of energy employed in the placing of white lines for cyclists which end up at traffic congested areas and the risk of accidents, so much so that one hardly ever sees a cyclist using those roads, and no wonder! Then of course, there’s that silly town centre roundabout. If they’d place the advisory lining at the outer edge instead it would have made some sense and could have contained a cyclists’ priority marking. Examination of the road lining throughout the town is needed too.

The Kings Drive roundabout which I first suggested to the council is a classic example. The town centre roundabout with its special provision for cyclists (if it is to be permanent which I doubt!) would have to be an exception. There is more!

Some several years ago an accident occurred at the junction of Willingdon Road and Victoria Drive/Park Avenue where there are traffic lights. As a result of that accident, about five years later, the speed of traffic was down controlled to 30mph.

An unrealistic speed which hardly anyone adheres to but now and again there is a police vehicle with, I suppose, speed checking equipment to catch out some unsuspecting driver. An original mistake but now another money-maker!

A knee jerk reaction which took about five years to enact and which cost time and money, which serves little or no purpose. Too, a pedestrian crossing was established in Hampden Park on the approach to the railway level crossing.

Due to the presence of the level crossing I had never had difficulty in crossing the road.. That pedestrian crossing now provides yet another holdup in that area with many drivers not realising that when someone steps on one half of the crossing it doesn’t affect their ability to drive over the other half but most drivers wait and the general holdup is increased on a minute to minute basis. At a crossing deemed at one time to be the most busy in Europe!

As Dave Poole also wrote, “It’s coming up to Borough elections. It’s time to educate ourselves as to which councillors are on the local planning committee and who actually believe they ought be re-elected.” Maybe some of you will reflect and think. With such elections coming up there will maybe be more to hear from others in an effort to raise the quality of our environment. I hope to be amongst those contributing.

Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue