LETTER: Child should be recovering at home

Undoubtedly the father asked to take his distressed child out of the Oxfam Bookshop had the best intentions to be kind to his little girl, “recovering” from scarlet fever, by buying her a new book to cheer her up. Children cry when they are upset.

Not only does a growing child need energy to grow, but, when recovering from an infection, should be allowed to rest in a home with an equitable temperature with plenty of fluids available, to allow her body to heal.

It is the depths of the British winter, and to be moved from cold air in the street to often overheated shops is stressful for an unwell child. Not to mention the journey to the shop by foot or car or bus.

Dayve Walshe mentions “there were only two other customers in the shop.”

Is he aware that if these members of the public were elderly, recovering from cancer or had weakened immune systems, they could have contracted scarlet fever, not to mention the staff in the shop (most of whom are unpaid volunteers) and all the unsuspecting people he and his daughter encountered on the street, in other shops, or public transport. I would like this father to reflect on the rights of other members of the public, not just his daughter. Food for thought.

Suzie Jones,

Cobbold Avenue